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About indtel

Over the years we see different players come and go, some convincing at times, but as the original alternative service for Chester/ North Wales- one of the original few independents nationwide over 30 years ago in 1982, we have a good perspective on your data comms. 



From early PAX to latest PBX, hosted IP cloud & wireless systems; earliest 1mb LANs to gigabit           Zeta accredited cat 6 computer network infrastructures... depth of experience adds so much for

so little- in fact, a zero price premium- your best valuechoice, our fundamental guarantee. 



We supply, install, maintain & repair; hardware, apps, cabling, programming; full user training & support. We can also offer advisory and project management support. 



 The indtel difference


so often its the little things, and they do all add up.. time taken to explain things simply and clearly, attention to detail in the practical work with pride in a good old 'tidy job' -a skillfully executed install; knowing a fund of alternatives to draw from in tweaking a solution to best suit the client;

the imperatives driven by a goal of customer satisfaction. Vive la difference.



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